Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh, Doctor, you are not good at lying...

Today the Doctor suggested that he, the Master, and I should all go swimming as a "fun social activity". He then (conspicuously, I might add,) pretended to realize he had something else to do at the very last minute, leaving the Master and I by ourselves to "bond and socialize".

The Master had an excellent time terrorizing many of the small children in the pool, and laughing every time he tried to show off. He had quite the competition going with himself--how deep could he dive, how long could he hold his breath, et cetera. He tried to convince me to join in these contests, but I politely declined.
This led to the two of us spending half an hour sitting at the edge of the pool in silence. It was mildly awkward, which the Master felt the need to point out multiple times to anyone who walked by the lab after we returned.
Doctor, I hope you know the Master caused an inordinate amount of trouble when he found out how to change the chemical balance in the water. He got up to so much mischief that the pool staff have asked us not to return. Why couldn't you just go swimming at home? There is a pool in the TARDIS somewhere, isn't there?
New post to follow with updates from the lab!