Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gender Bender

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long break there. Just after Valentines Day there was in the lab involving the Master and (not unexpectedly) a potential Weapon of Mass Destruction. Surprisingly, no one was injured...although I'm sure several egos have been bruised. The Master happened upon a Laser Beam DNA Extrapolator (I know the name may not make sense...there's a long complicated story behind it that involves the asymptote of the speed of light, the Pythagorean Theorem (multiplied to the power of XYN) and a back entrance to the Time Vortex). The Master somehow misinterpreted my "DO NOT TOUCH, MASTER THIS MEANS YOU!" sign on the vault in the lab, "accidentally" picked the fourteen locks and hacked into the DNA recognition system (designed to keep him OUT) and "just so happened" to find the Extrapolator. What it is designed to do is scan a life form, determine its DNA and calculate its origins and all available information about it without any physical contact. It is completely harmless to any creature but needs frequent testing (hence the Lava Shark--we know little about their species, so when it finally works, it will set multiple scientific breathroughs into motion with one discovery!)
The Master broke into the lab late at night, poked around in the settings for a bit, then set it off (really by accident this time). It stayed on until early this morning, when I heard the battery alarm beeping to be recharged.
We noticed its effects about a week ago, when everyone woke up as the opposite physical gender as they were when they went to sleep the night before. This has become extremely awkward, as the Doctor is very hormonal and confused, whereas the Master has entirely embraced this new change and has taken to dressing suggestively and acting in a promiscuous manner, claiming that he is merely "learning to use his feminine charms". Jack is mostly indifferent about his own new body, but is enjoying the perks that come with being female.
(Get your minds out of the gutter...Jack's new favorite store is Sephora.)
The Master is surprisingly small--even for a girl--and the Doctor is unusually tall. Somehow the Masters hair grew much longer, and looks as though it has been professionally styled. I don't know how this happened, seeing as the Doctors hair is only a few inches longer than it was before and is not very flattering (sorry, but there it is. Maybe with some gel or something it will look better.)
We'll continue to post on this unusual development soon. For now, we have some shopping to do. While I have three closets to choose from, its a little tough for three so different..."girls" to choose from my limited wardrobe.