Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentines on Venus

As most of you may know (depending on your species and culture) Monday the fourteenth of February was the ancient Earth tradition known as Saint Valentines Day, when it is traditional to show your appreciation towards loved ones.

Since all of us had been separated for so long, this Valentine's day was spent reconnecting and bonding to make up for missed time. Jack and I made up after our fight (induced by that--by Other Sophie.)
The Doctor and the Master spent the day out somewhere while Jack and I stayed in and cooked pasta over an old-fashioned bunsen burner in the lab.

To keep up the mood, I organized an office Match Maker using an Old-Earth computer program. The results arrived this morning and everyone opened their envelopes to find a most unusual combination of potential "matches". Jack somehow managed to be first on everyone's list, how I can't imagine. The Master and I are supposedly a perfect match, and the Doctor is apparently destined to be with the Lava Shark (who has successfully learned general English! S/he catches on quickly--although we haven't determined h/is/er gender yet...)
In conclusion, a Happy Valentines to you all, and to all a good night!