Sunday, August 29, 2010

Look, i drew a self portrait!

Hanawesome: handsome plus awesome. I got a new tie! it's purple! like blood! I like blood. NOT LIKE THAT, JACK! I added my location as venus, which apparently for the rather dim is in californya. I mean , californya? Did they put a decoy there? Everyone know venus (NOT YOU JACK) is in cardiff! Californya is made of fake tans and vampires. Even the slightly dim know that! You poor pathetic wierdly-cardioligical-arranged (it's a word because i say so) ape-beings know that! But apparently, my computer dosent. Maybe if i threaten it it'll work better?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lost: Doctor. If Found, Please Return.

We seem to have, ah, misplaced a member of our team. He calls himself the Doctor, or sometimes John Smith. He is approximately 6'1, brown hair, brown eyes. He carries a sonic screwdriver (a kind of metal stick with a light on the end that makes a sort of whirring buzz) and may or may not talk very quickly and/or loudly to himself and/or others, using long complicated words and scientific terms. He is generally enthusiastic and easily excited. If found, please return to the Venus Project Laboratories, (VPL) Venus, (Sol II), Mutters Spiral (sometimes known as the Stellian Galaxy or Galaxia Kyklos, depending on your species). Please contact Sophie Fletcher, Science Department.

Please Note: If he tells you to run for your life, don't question. Just do it. (Especially if he tells you to stay out of the shadows, or not to blink.)

I also haven't seen the Master in a while, which is unusual...I sent him to go check the TARDIS library--for the third time--to see if the Doctor might be there. Seeing as I sent him yesterday, you'd think he'd be back by now. Fortunately, I haven't seen him since.

With one third of the team missing, an extra workload is put on us all--Oh, who am I kidding. It doesn't make a difference, as I do everything anyway.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Well, Wasn't That Interesting?

Hello all, and welcome back to Venus Vacations! Please excuse us for our two-month hiatus. The Doctor, the Master and I decided to go on a brief trip in the TARDIS to celebrate the extension of the Venus Project. However, we ran into some difficulties and were delayed. (Those Raxacoricofallapatorians really don't like acetic acid, do they?) At any rate, we will be resuming the Venus Project exactly as planned. I am lobbying for the ISTA to extend the project for another few months, as we have used up a third of our remaining time in that little--ahem--adventure. Wish me luck in dealing with any...difficulties that may arise!