Activities on Venus

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Slide Pods:
Have you ever wished to fly through cloud and ocean, and be moved by only gravity? Well, now you have the opportunity! While on Venus, you now have the chance to enjoy a naturally powered giant slidecation! Starting from a station 36km in the air, you will enjoy a ride to blow your mind as you descend through clouds and great mountains, rejoicing in the extensive views of Venus. Her deep rifts and monstrous forests will stun you beyond words, a perfect vacation for the family. Your pod comes equipped with a washroom, bed, sofa and replicator for maximum comfort. You cannot experience this happening through any holographic or psionic recreation. So come now for this once in a lifetime event!

Acid Spas:
Venus, before its true beauty was experienced people knew it for its vicious reputation as an acidic planet. So living up to its previous nature, we decided to create a one-of-a-kind spa using acid to cleanse the skin. Using low acids low in the PH scale we cleanse your skin pores of any unwanted dirt or filth. Other kinds of acid are used to break up and clear away fat cells. These are only two examples of a deluxe list of over 100 treatments. Come to the dome near you! Complete your trip by returning to your home-world with perfect skin and an ideal physique.

Venerean Titan Forests: If you took the quantity of the ancient Taiga forest and replaced the trees with those of the Amazon rainforest you would have a forest half the size of Venus’s Hesperus forest. The Hesperus forest is home to 87% of Venus’s life forms, and if Venus’s clouds blew away you would be able to see the forests from outer space. After scientists planted the first forests in 2175 they’ve been prospering and mutating into jungles far more vast and powerful than earth’s forests. We here on Venus have created pod-trains that travel through the Hesperus and the Eosphorus forests and make for one of the most extraordinary rides of a lifetime. Whip through these woods while observing their 400 ft tall trunks and the exotic animal and plant life. Don’t miss it for the world!

Venusian Eating Contests:
Every May in the capital city of Marinver a fantastic eating contest is held. However, this contest is not for the faint hearted. After cleansing your mouth for five weeks beforehand, the participants will have to eat the universes spiciest and most acidic food. This event is incredibly amusing to observe and fun for everyone (except for maybe the participants). So come and place your bets on these incredible ladies, gentlemen and spacefolk. If you are interested in participating you may register two months beforehand by calling 2-VENUS-666-000.

Volcanic Surfing:
As we all know, Venus is formed mostly of cracks, craters and volcanoes. Volcanoes used to be known as a natural disaster, but here on Venus they’re known as natural wonders. The definition of surfing on the ocean is a fun holiday adventure, but the definition of volcanic surfing is an epic journey of absolute bliss. A heat and fire proof suit and board will leave you bouncing over thick lava and it’s absolutely safe! Lessons come free with the travel package! Come on up for an experience of a lifetime.

Interstellar Beauty Competitions:
Our skin care salons opened up in 2247, just nine years after the first colonies on Venus, and have been open ever since. To celebrate Venus and its beauty, the spas started a beauty competition in 2275 and have been running it annually ever since. And my oh my are these beauties pretty. The most gorgeous ladies and gentlemen of all species compete for the MBC-Cup. The title is renown throughout the galaxy and will get you more drinks then you thought possible. The program is one of the most exquisite in the Milky Way and by far one of the most famous. You will never see such wonders and gems anywhere else so don’t miss it; held every November and waiting for you.

Cytherean Racing:
The mightiest and most dangerous races in the galaxy, the long lost Prometheus races were banned after they destroyed part of the moon Atlas. The Universal Racing League was banned from Saturn and its moons, and have been searching for a place as interesting to host these races on for sixteen years. And finally, they found one: Venus. Venus’s Lavinia Planitia is now becoming the new home to the races, and invites everyone to come see them this coming fall. May the games begin!

The Devana Chasma invites you to come spelunk in the grandest caverns on Venus. The rifts and caverns of Earth’s sister are some of the most immense in our solar system, and since Venus’s terraforming began the caves have become a stable atmosphere for an adventure. Scientists have observed over 15000 new species in the caves, and are some of the most strange and unique in the Milky Way. Special kinds of crystal have been discovered, changing our view of rock in everyway. Diamonds are second rate compared to what you can find in these caverns.

Venerean Safari:
When we say Safari, you might think a golden field filled with lions, zebras and giraffes, but that’s an earth safari. Venerean safaris will take you beyond imagination, through the enormous forests and the immense tunnels of Theia Mons. Thousands of unimaginable creatures stalk about the pods, and you can get up to meters away from them. Some of the beings include the Volcanic Titan Squid, the Magdaleon fang beast and even the famous Shahn-fo-Barien wolf. Discoveries of new beasts often occur, and the discoverers often get to name the species. So go down in history on Venus, and expect the unexpected on the Venerean Safaris!