Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shocking Research Confirms Theory

Our research in the lab has confirmed a shocking theory about the chemical buildup of Venus' core. Although I am unable to reveal full details to the public at the current time, I can say that there is a good chance that life exists deep below that harsh exterior! A probe is being prepared to drill through the surface of an uninhabited area with a message of peace as soon as possible! This is also our first experiment uninterrupted by the Master--perhaps he has given up on his evil schemes! The ISTA is sure to be pleased with our discovery and is sure to choose Venus for its next campaign! I will post further details as they arise!


Never mind the last bit. It was just the Master messing around with the computers! I SWEAR someday I'll get him back for this!

Venus Mission Extended

Good news for our research! The Venus mission has been extended for another six months! While this does mean I have to put up with several annoyances for longer than I'd hoped, it also means that my research can be delved into more extensively. This is good because there are a few places I have been wanting to see outside of the lab, but I was unable to leave because there wasn't enough time to repair my suit, which the Master ripped a hole in. Now that it has been extended, I will not only be able to repair it, but will be able to use it often as well!
The lab is undergoing repairs as well, since there was a major explosion there yesterday. I was the only one present at the time, and I managed to duck into the corridor just in time. I suspect the Master was behind it.


So, somehow this was NOT POSTED, grrr. Anyways, transporting to venus is like this: Go to stationy thing on earth. Pay OOLA MOOLA (24570000 UU (universal units for those of you who are rather dim (like a certain ginger assistant))). Still, teleporting is faster than shuttling, even if it's more expensive. Also, it provides good opportunities for certain ginger to have an "accident". Basically, for the rather dim, you get broken up into a bunch of molecule and then fly through SPAAACE. Then you get reassembled instantaneously at the other end, but you STILL have to go through security. They take away your weapons and everything! I said, "oh, it's just a LITTLE death ray" but NO. I needed to protect my Hubby! What if there was an emergency? What if I NEEDED to disintegrate screaming bystanders so he had an escape route? So you just ZAP there and then you're in the main Slidecation port IN SPAAACE. It is sort of like an artificial moon/space elevator, and from ther you can slide down to a slidecation/a floating hotel/ a fiery pit of death (GINGER).

Research in the Lab

Research in the lab is going well, apart from a few minor explosions caused by certain associates. Most of our experiments have been successful, apart from a few of my personal favorites that were sabotaged.
While the Doctor and I explored the many aspects of Volcanic Surfing last week, the Master managed to rip a large hole in my protective suit. He continues to insist that it was an accident, and that he didn't MEAN to point the atomic laser in my direction, but I remain suspicious, as he has tried many times to get rid of me before. He also insists on excluding me from as many activities as possible, although I always find a way to participate, even when they are risky and dangerous. He also tries to embarrass me as much as possible, but I don't let these obstacles get in my way and continue to remain dignified at all times on this expedition.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Article on Venusian Beauty Walk

The Venusian Beauty Walk is part of an annual festival held on Venus to celebrate beauty, love and fertility, the ancient Roman Earth Goddess of which was Venus. Anyone is able to participate in the Festival, but to participate in the main Beauty Walk, one must be specifically requested by a high panel of judges. Thousands of people watch the Beauty Festival, and it is held in the highest respect throughout the Solar System. Tourists flock to Venus every November simply to watch the Festival, which is free for everyone.

History Of Venus

During Earth's Roman Period, Venus was commonly recognized as the Goddess of Love and Fertility. Her most famous portrait was painted by Sandro Botticelli, who depicted her rising from the sea in a great shell. Portrayals of Venus usually show her as a rather large, naked woman with long hair, often associated with water, and looking solemn or loving. The very word "Venus" means "Love" in ancient Latin, and several cults devoted to her worship have appeared over the centuries.

Rituals to Venus often involved an animal sacrifice. This barbaric and primitive ceremony has not been acted upon in centuries.

On Earth, the planet Venus was first known as the Morning or Evening Star to ancient civilizations, who had no form of telescope or camera to observe that it was not, in fact, a star at all, but a planet. Ancient Egyptians thought that the Morning Star and the Evening Star were two different bodies, and did not understand the theory of Earth turning in space. The ancient Greek civilization named the Goddess Venus Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Early Earth scientists were unable to see past the layers of harsh mist that shrouded the planet, and spent years speculating as to what could lie beneath it.

When Earth's early NASA program sent the first probe to Venus, its primitive technology did not enable it to enter the atmosphere. In fact, the projectile missed the planet entirely and was lost. The first probe to enter the atmosphere was called the Venera 3 and was sent by an Earth country called the Soviet Union. The probe crashed on the planet and was rendered useless by the damage received. The broken probe is on display, along with its predecessors, in the Venusian Museum. Several probes that arrived after are also on display there. Most of them crash-landed, managed to send data signals for a few minutes, then died.
The most successful Venus probe was the Magellan Probe, launched by Earth's United States of America. It managed to transmit signals for more than four and a half years before failure.

Picture of Volcanic Surfing

Picture of Volcanic Surfing: a completly safe activity!
*All pictures taken from Google and edited by me (Marita)*

Picture of Acid Spa

Pictures of other treatments are not permitted by the I.P.S.T.S.
*All pictures from Google and edited by me (Marita)*

Pictures of Forests

Above are some pictures of Venus's Eosphorus forest taken by her majesty Queen Naira Diargo IIV, a fan of the forests. There is another picture of Venus's Hesperus forest in the Travel section.
*All pictures taken from Google and edited by me (Marita)*

Picture of Eating competition

Because of some of the participants' wishes, all pictures were not allowed to be displayed.
Here are some of the foods. Top Left to Bottom Right: Earth's Red Savina Habanero, Titan's New Cau di knoe san chilli, Mars's Giant Resnkov Crickets, Neptune's "Life Apple" and finally, of course, Saturn's Joiz Jelly.

Picture of Travel Pods

SlidePod Station above

Podtrain going through the Hesperus forest


Our hotel is very nice. It is all floaty in the upper atmosphere, cause air here floats like helium. plans to kill everyone else dashed by realisation that I can't be in the the hotel when I let the air out. The atmosphere is very pretty and very deadly. Like me!

Pictures of Venusian caves

Above are pictures of some natural crystals in Venus's caves.
*All pictures from Google. Edited by me*

Pictures from the Venusian Beauty walk

Above are images of the sexiest aliens in the galaxy.
*All pictures from Google. Edited by me*

Accommodations on Venus

The accommodations on Venus are as unique as the planet itself. Many of the more popular hotels on the planet are built over active volcanoes, the magma of which is used to heat the buildings. As the planet is covered in mist, the views from the windows are not easily seen, even on the clearest of days. So instead of windows, there are thin holographic plates, built into the walls of each room. With this type of technology, each guest can choose the location, size, and shape of each window. Guests can even choose the view seen from each window. Air vents in these hotels do not lead outside, as the atmosphere of Venus is made up of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen gas. Many other hotels float in the upper atmosphere, as oxygen on Venus is less dense than the general density of the atmosphere, which results in breathable gases floating. In an effort to accumulate interest, several hotels have incorporated some of the lighter gases into their buildup, resulting in ascension into the mists of the upper atmosphere.
If you're looking for a more exciting trip, however, you can always take what the travel agencies have fondly nicknamed a "slidecation". "Slidecations" are designed for optimum viewing opportunities of the planet. In a large metal pod much like a mobile home, guests slide through a long fiberglass tube, which gives them a glorious view of the Venusian atmosphere and landscape. Coated in specialized chemicals to help the fiberglass weather the cold of outer space and the heat of the volcanic magma, the pods are able to go to almost any location, whether it is the crystallized caves underground or the mountainous volcanoes.


So. Had to do an (eeevil) presentation on Venus today to hubby. Hoping for eventual world domination, but you have to start small and then progress to to destroying the earth. Got assigned a skientist, she seems rather dim, but ginger. So: Venus is 108,942,109 km from the sun. Basically, it's REALLY HOT here. It rains sulferic acid, I nearly pushed a certain ginger assistant outside after she tried to explain basic nuclear physics to me AGAIN. There are lots of winds here, maybe a parasailing "accident"...

Pictures of Animals

Above are some awesome pictures of some of the animals of Venus, taken by our fans
*All images are taken from Google. Edited by me*