Friday, September 17, 2010

More Time Lord Art

Here we go. Sophie, here's a drawing I did on my
trip. It's what I hope our group will come to one

A trip gone wrong

Aaah, sorry bout that, now. What'd I miss?
Oh, not much apparently. Sorry 'bout the Master, Sophie.
Sometimes he can't control himself. Well... more than sometimes.
Anywho, you may be wondering where I was. Well, it all started
about a month ago, when I was cleaning the TARDIS. I found a
shiny thing on the floor, and when I picked it up to examine it,
it absorbed me! I know, I should have realized earlier that
it was a Extrontilipious Texhindrink Nanophot, but, alas. It was too late.
It spat me up in a strange new universe, where, upon landing in a rather
pink tree, I came across a nice young lady by the name of Toshiko.
Upon seeing me in the tree, she called upon a very kind Owl
Griffin by the name of Hergin to pick me up and put me down.
She then told me their names, and to their home.
Toshiko's husband, Owen, then told me that their villiage hadnt had
rain for 7 years, and they were probably going to starve if, I recall
his exact words, the stupid fat clouds didnt go piss in the next few
months. When these beautifully thought out words hit my ears,
I knew, something must be done. So, I embarked on a terrifying
journey down a yellow brick road and some stuff happened.
Anyways, I got to a castle, saved a man called Ianto from
a terrifying 456 beast, ran into a man who looked suspiciously like Jack,
who then took Ianto from me in exchange for a flute, that when
played summoned rain, I played it, it rained, there were Bollywood dances,
and with all the joy and love in the air, I was teleported back to Earth,
somehow, and so, here I am! (I had to do a poledance to get enough UU
to make it over here.)

So, hope that explains my absence.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Where's the Doctor?" "I thought you were watching him..."

It's been almost two days since anyone has seen the Doctor, and the Master and I are getting worried. I know it's silly and he'll probably turn up any minute, but whenever the Doctor is out of earshot of the Master for more than ten minutes, the Master freaks out and turns the lab upside down searching for him, which, of course, upsets all my research papers, which sets the project back by a few months, at least. Of course, the Doctor usually puts a stop to this by walking in with an ice cream cone or a sandwich or something, innocently asking what's going on. This is usually followed by the pair of them trying to sneak off to the TARDIS without me noticing. Not that I generally would, as I am the only one who actually does any work anyways...I should have the rights to that screwdriver. At least I would put it to some good scientific use (BESIDES locking doors and making things explode!)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Doctor + Buffy = What Vampires? Those were totally Saturnynians...

With the beginning of this month comes a new barrage of questions, theories, and research opportunities that are dying to be explored, so we'll be quite busy in the lab for the next few weeks...Please excuse our sad lack of new posts for the next bit. Also as the Doctor appears to have gone AWOL, the Master and I are working on finding him. Knowing the Doctor, he's popped out to get an original copy of Dracula in London, 1897 and forgotten to tell us.