Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello Again!

Well, if you read this blog I assume you already know how we got back to London, Britain, Earth, Universe whatnot. Anyhow! We got back, went through irritation and are now at Sophie's flat. I really wish I'd memorized more phone numbers, because I really can't reach anyone useful. Oh well. Right now I'm taking advantage of the normal life to try it out, the life that is. The normal life. An ordinary life. Hahah, this is so fun! We started watching TV shows, and now we have movie nights! Its so brilliant.
Also right now I have a job as an ice cream truck driver. I was aiming for manager of the museum of London, but I got sidetracked and through a bit of an interesting adventure I got the previously mentioned job. Its a bit unfortunate though, having been trap- living on Venus for, well, I lost track of time really. Anyways, now that we're back its all kitten-this and nannerpuss-that, and oh is that a hobo eating a baby how very interesting humans are.

I do so love Earth, oh how I missed it.


  1. i really think there is something in the water here...
    that is why i am only drinking beer and blue gatorade

  2. If I were not busy stuffing my fist in my mouth to try and stop laughing, I would *facepalm*