Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Note to self

Humans: what is thier deal? why do they look like time lords? must research. where can one acquire a human? must consult internet, source of all knowledge.

also: update notes re: threat assessment of kittens. they may be a greater danger than previously thought.


  1. Master I think you need to slow down on the beer and get a little sleep...when you start getting suspicious of kittens something is definitely wrong.

  2. you know where to get a human right

  3. also have you ever looked into a kittens eyes

  4. Just some light reading for you:
    Slavery is illegal, and if I catch you trying to sneak anyone into the apartment, the worse for you.
    Also, you know I own a cat, right?

  5. Yes. Curie and i are best friends.